Contract / subcontract Electronic Manufacturing Services

For over 40 years Cephos, based in Swanley Kent, has been involved in providing the very best electronic manufacturing services to a diverse range of industries in the UK and overseas. With our highly skilled and dedicated workforce, you are assured the very best quality and benefit from the vast experience that Cephos has attained in Contract Electronic Manufacturing and pcb assembly services.

Cephos is fully equipped to handle any and all types of printed circuit board design, manufacture and assembly through to full box build in any volume from prototype to high volume production runs. Our design capabilities and CAD expertise enables us to offer our services from electronic design, prototyping, design, manufacture and assembly of pcbs, metalwork, plastics, enclosures and labelling.

Electronic design and manufacture

pcb assembly area

Cephos core skills and expertise:

➥Electronic design and schematic layout.

➥PCB layout and CADCAM generation and compiling of Bill of Materials.

➥Electronic component procurement and kitting.

➥Mechanical component design and manufacture.

➥Artwork design and printing of labels and overlays.

➥Full assembly and wiring of all components.

➥Design and build of bespoke test equipment if required.

➥Streamlining of all relevant procedures for production to ensure a consistant high quality for any volume at a very competitive rate.

Quotation service

Contact Cephos today for that special, no obligation, quotation for your electronic design and manufacturing requirements, pcb design, manufacturing and assembly requirements, pcb design queries and pcb manufacturing enquiries.

PCB reverse engineering

Cephos can also undertake the duplication or regeneration of an existing old or obsolete pcb where the customer no longer has the Gerber data or PCB artwork and implement any required changes and necessary modifications to the pcb design. These changes can include new footprints for replacement of obsolete components with up-to-date equivalent components.

Older pcbs populated with through hole components can also be considered for re-designing to enable a more cost-effective manufacturing process, often resulting in considerable reduction in unit cost to your Company.

Obsolete relay solution

Cephos relay modules are available from stock to replace certain manufacturers original small signal low voltage relays that are no longer manufactured, now obsolete and difficult to source.

With precision machined gold finished pins they offer a simple solution to enable existing pcbs that still use the now obsolete relays to function as normal without having to re-engineer the pcb design.

With pinning identical to the originals, the on-board Axicom IM relay performs the same switching functions, the modules can be fitted into existing pcb dil connectors or soldered directly into the pcb.

eRIC4/9 Tx/Rx module

eRIC Tx/Rx module

The G-433/900 eRIC module enables the simple integration of the LPRS eRIC tranceiver into any circuitry using our eRIC pcb module to mount the surface mount eRIC IC onto a standard 28W DIL header - reprogramming of the module requires no on-board circuitry, it can be programmed using simple wiring from the LPRS eRIC development board using a 28 way ZIF socket.

G-433/900 eRIC module