ANPR Systems
Automatic number plate recognition

Futronics - the UK market leader in ANPR systems

Cephos as a manufacturing partner with Futronics

Cephos has worked closely with Futronics over a number of years to date, assisting with the design, manufacture and assembly of enclosures and printed circuit boards

Futronics is the market leading specialist in ANPR systems

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a very powerful technology developed to help police and government agencies identify vehicles whilst they travel about the roads system. Futronics has developed both mobile and static ANPR solutions

Police vehicles are fitted with specialised cameras capable of reading vehicle license plates at up to 100mph from the front and rear of the vehicle. The on-board Futronics mobile data terminal is then able to process the license plate data and rapidly report to the operators if the vehicle is of interest

Futronics has also developed novel applications for its ANPR technology, which include the detection and identification of vehicles being driven dangerously at critical road junctions

Home Office Approved

Futronics, market leaders in fully integrated systems and application designs for commercial and government agencies, has developed the only Home Office approved advanced mobile ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) system for the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for the detection and enforcement of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)

The Stingray II UVD (Unlicensed Vehicle Detector)

StingrayII is an ANPR system that has been developed to help enforce vehicle excise duty in Great Britain

The system is capable of working day or night with vehicle speeds in excess of 100mph. Vehicle registration plates can be read and checked against 23 million records a second, and if matched, digital video images are captured and encrypted, with exact locations (GPS), time and date, to two CD Roms simultaneously

Stingray II UVD is only one of the many cutting edge products the Futronics Group has developed. Futronics are currently working with the Home Office, Police Forces and the DVLA on other innovative products to fight crime

Stingray II UVD features and benefits:

Robile ANPR System for Government Sector (tested and passed by HOSDB for home office approval)
Stingray searches on-line, 23 million vehicle registration plates per second
State-of-the art ANPR cameras
Operates day or night, in rain at speeds of upto and over 100mph
Reads square plates on lorries and motorbikes
Dual CD Rom writers of violations captured
Fully secure encrypted information
Latest high defi nition recording
Full control of cameras and system via touchscreen
GPS Location, time and date stamped on violations
Intelligent monitoring of hardware and software
Graphical Monitoring System to locate all the DVLA Stingray II vehicles throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. The Stingray II transmits status information such as on-line, off-line and all faults, statistics, panic alarm status and GPS via GPRS/3G communications

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