Cephos C-TQ4 Relay module

The C-TQ4 relay module is manufactured by Cephos Electronic Circuits Ltd. in the UK - a relay module to replace two classic telecomms. small signal relays that have not been manufactured for several years and are now obsolete and very difficult to source.

The two obsolete relays are the Panasonic TQ4 relay.

The Cephos C-TQ4 5V, 12V and 24V coil voltage versions are normally ex-stock and available for immediate shipping, other coil voltages are manufactured to order on a short lead time ( subject to component availability)

The Original Panasonic TQ4 relay

Panasonic TQ4 Relay

Panasonic TQ4 Relay datasheet

The Cephos solution: C-TQ4

C-TQ4 relay module

With identical pinning and footprint the C-TQ4 relay module achieves all of the functionality of the original Panasonic TQ4 and Fujitsu / Takamisawa RA4 relays offering a simple drop in solution, either fitted into an existing pcb dil connector or soldered straight into a printed circuit board.

C-TQ4 datasheet

C-TQ4 general specification

Dims: 25.4 x 10.16mm

Gold finished machined pinning

Four pole changeover contacts 4PCO

The IM relay is tested according CECC/IECQ and certified in accordance with IEC/EN 60950 and UL 60950

The Tyco / Axicom IM relay used is a fourth generation slim-line / low profile relay with bifurcated contacts

Tyco Axicom IM relay specification:

Axicom IM Series

RoHS Compliant