G-433/900 TxRx module for eRIC4 and eRIC9 transceivers

This module facilitates the integration of an eRIC TxRx device into any pcb project using a standard 28W dil pcb socket. The assembled module can be disconnected from the 28W dil socket for programming / re-programming with no requirement for on-board programming components.

The LPRS eRIC module

LPRS eRIC TxRx module

The specifications of the LPRS eRIC module can be found here in the original datasheet:

LPRS eRIC datasheet

The Cephos pcb solution: G-433/900

G-433/900 eRIC module

G-433/900 shown assembled with an LPRS eRIC4 module.

Dimensions: L:36 x W:18mm

Precision machined low profile pinning

Standard 28W dil (0.6" pitch) header footprint enabling easy insertion into any conventional 28W pcb connector.

The module can be easily removed from the pcb connector for re-programming without the need of on-board programming components. After re-programming the module can be re-inserted into the main pcb.

RoHS Compliant