The Cephos Cross Reference Guide - for obsolete small signal relays that are no longer manufactured

Original Manufacturer Obsolete Relay Type/Part No. Coil Voltage Cephos Relay Module Part No.
Fujitsu BT53/1 5V C-BT53/1 (5V)
Fujitsu BT53/3 12V C-BT53/3 (12V)
Fujitsu BT53/5 24V C-BT53/5 (24V)
Panasonic / Matsushita DF2-DC05V-H1 5V C-BT53/1 (5V)
Panasonic / Matsushita DF2-DC12V-H1 12V C-BT53/3 (12V)
Panasonic / Matsushita DF2-DC24V-H1 24V C-BT53/5 (24V)
Panasonic / Matsushita DS4E-M-DC5V 5V C-DS4E/1 (5V)
Panasonic / Matsushita DS4E-M-DC12V 12V C-DS4E/3 (12V)
Panasonic / Matsushita DS4E-M-DC24V 24V C-DS4E/5 (24V)
Fujitsu FBR46ND005 5V C-BT53/1 (5V)
Fujitsu FBR46ND012 12V C-BT53/3 (12V)
Fujitsu FBR46ND024 24V C-BT53/5 (24V)
Omron G5A-234P-53/1 5V C-BT53/1 (5V)
Omron G5A-234P-53/3 12V C-BT53/3 (12V)
Omron G5A-234P-53/5 24V C-BT53/5 (24V)
Omron G6A-434P-5V 5V C-DS4E/1 (5V)
Omron G6A-434P-12V 12V C-DS4E/3 (12V)
Omron G6A-434P-24V 24V C-DS4E/5 (24V)
Tyco MT4-C93801 5V C-MT4/1 (5V)
Tyco MT4-C93802 12V C-MT4/3 (12V)
Tyco MT4-C93803 24V C-MT4/5 (24V)
Panasonic NF4EB-5V 5V C-NF4EB/1 (5V)
Panasonic NF4EB-12V 12V C-NF4EB/3 (12V)
Panasonic NF4EB-24V 24V C-NF4EB/5 (24V)
Omron LZN4-5V 5V C-NF4EB/1 (5V)
Omron LZN4-12V 12V C-NF4EB/3 (12V)
Omron LZN4-24V 24V C-NF4EB/5 (24V)
Fujitsu / Takamisawa RA4-5W-K 5V C-DS4E/1 (5V)
Fujitsu / Takamisawa RA4-12W-K 12V C-DS4E/3 (12V)
Fujitsu / Takamisawa RA4-24W-K 24V C-DS4E/5 (24V)
Siemens V23104-A1001 5V C-MT4/1 (5V)
Siemens V23104-A1003 12V C-MT4/3 (12V)
Siemens V23104-A1005 24V C-MT4/5 (24V)
Tyco / TE 0-1462032-1 5V C-MT4/1 (5V)
Tyco / TE 0-1462032-4 12V C-MT4/3 (12V)
Tyco / TE 0-1462032-7 24V C-MT4/5 (24V)
Panasonic TQ4-5V 5V C-TQ4/1 (5V)
Panasonic TQ4-12V 12V C-TQ4/3 (12V)
Panasonic TQ4-24V 24V C-TQ4/5 (24V)
Panasonic TK1-5V 5V C-TK1/1 (5V)
Panasonic TK1-12V 12V C-TK1/3 (12V)
Panasonic TK1-24V 24V C-TK1/5 (24V)

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